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Upcycled Products

For the communities. For the Planet Earth. 


About Aisuka.Life Brand

Aisuka.life is a community-driven brand that aims to provide solutions to environmental waste by handmaking upcycled products in cooperation with communities.



Did you know that in Malaysia we produce close to 40,000 tonnes of waste a day which enough to fill the Twin Towers every seven days! I’m sure you get it, it’s a lot. Here at Aisuka, we produce upcycled products with communities. So our products are made out of things like plastic packaging, newspaper and used fabric. We bring new life to these otherwise ‘useless’ materials.

women upskill


Aisuka products are made primarily by our communities who are the low income (B40)groups. Aisuka empowers women by working with them and provide resources and the know-how to help them upskill so that they are able to establish a new source of income, especially with some of them being hard-hit by the Covid19 situation.


We also aim to improve the lives of our stakeholders which are mainly you, the consumers, and our community. Our communities are able to improve their quality of life by earning extra income with their new skills.And you, our customers will benefit through an increase in more ethical and more environmentally friendly product choices in the market 

Bring Joy to St.Joseph's Home's Kids Sustainably

This Christmas, bring joy to children sustainably with Aisuka.Life! It is the festive season and it is not just time to bring joy to ourselves but also the kids in a sustainable way. Be a sponsor now!

Sponsor  Aisuka.Life community-handmade upcycled Christmas ornaments that designed by our lead designer, Ms. Xuxan to St. Joseph's Home's kids. It will definitely bring joy to them during this festive season. 

Be Part of Aisuka.Life  Brand

Ideas. Comments. Conversation

As Aisuka.Life is a community-driven brand and you can be part of the conversation or the idea brainstorming process, While we hold strong to the core principals of Aisuka.Life: Upcycle.Upskill.Uplift, we want to hear from you and want you to be part of Aisuka.Life journey. Join us now at the platform(s) below. 

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